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Razor wire flat wrap Concertina razor wire PVC Coated Raozr Wire Double concertina Razor Wire Stainless Steel Razor Wire Razor mesh Rapid Deployment Barrier System Mobile Security Barrier Barbed wire Pvc coated barbed wire Wall spike Production and Package Specified Clips For Razor Wire
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palisade fence welded mesh fence euro fence chain link fence Wire Mesh FenceWoven Gabion Gabion mattress Sack Gabions Welded Gabion
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Razor wire flatwarpInstallation Forms
Flatwrap coils can be used in the following forms:
Installed against the existing smooth wire mesh fence;
Fitted to the welded mesh fence;
Fitted by overlapping the fence mesh;
Installed to the brick wall directly.
Concertina razor wire Concertina coils are the most popular high security fencing for military and high grade residences safety. Two main types available for concertina coils: one is the single coil and the other is crossed concertina coils. Crossed concertina offers the highest security grade among all the razor wire fencings.
Razor Mesh Razor Mesh is a versatile, high security fencing mesh designed to protect you and your property without marring the appearance....
Barbed Wire Hot dipped Galvanized / PVC/ PE Coated Barbed Wire in IOWA type, with 2 strands, 4 points. Barbs' distance 3-6 inches ( Tolerance +- 1/2" ).
Galvanized Barbed Iron Wire is suitable for industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, dwelling house, plantation or fencing
PVC Coated Barbed WireWe can supply good quality PVC coated barbed wire for security and fencing uses.

Wire Materials: PVC coated barbed iron wire, Core of it can be galvanized iron wire or black annealed iron wire.
Wall Spike Wall Spikes are a simple yet effective method of enhancing the security of an existing wall or security fence. The wall spikes are easy to install and come in a variety of coatings or finishes
Palisade Fence A proven configuration of premium grade Hot Rolled Profiled Steel Pales, bolted assemblies with tamper-resistant fixing points throughout, produces a Rigid Barrier of strong visual integrity along....
Welded Mesh Fence Welded Wire Mesh Fence is a cost effective alternative to chain link when using 50 x 50 x 3mm Galvanised Mesh.
Other weld mesh variations are available including pressed Beam Variety which significantly increases the rigidity of the panel.....
Euro Fence Euro fence is used as fencing, decoration or protection for various facilities in industry, agriculture, infrastructure, transport, etc....
Chain Link Fence Materials: Quality low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire.

Weaving: Chain link knitting. Easy and flexible for installation and connecting. Beautiful and practical for uses....
Wire Mehs Fence A proven configuration of premium grade Hot Rolled Profiled Steel Pales, bolted assemblies with tamper-resistant fixing points throughout....
Woven Gabion Triple twist hexagonal mesh stone filled gabion baskets have been used successfully in construction work. They are sometimes commonly called stone filled cages....
Gabion MattressThe Gabion Mattress is a structure made of hexagonal double twisted wire mesh, as per EN 10223-3 (Figs. 1, 2). Reno mattresses are filled with stones at the project site to form flexible and permeable....
Sack Gabions Wire mesh for making of gabion sacks is hexagonal opening with the aperture of 80x100mm, the wire diameter of 2.7mm and selvedge wire of 3.4mm diameter....
Welded Gabion Welded mesh gabions offer the same flexibility as twisted mesh gabions with greater strength. They are produced from metallic coated welded wire fabric, and metallic coated wire for spiral binders....