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Rapid Deployment Barrier System


3D Rapid Deployment Barrier System 6D Rapid Deployment Barrier Systemr

Rapid Deployment Barrier is the designed system for controlling riots and crowds, composed with carrier and blade razor wire barrier. It is used by governments to reduce injury and damage to the people and property.

Barrier types:
Automatic Pull-Back Barrier;
Non-Withdrawing Barrier.

Razor Wire Coils Deployment Structure Options:
3D, 6D and 10D. D refers to the coil numbers and deployment type.
3D Structure: 75 meters per group; 4 groups per carrier; total barrier deployment length 300 meters;
6D Structure: 50 meters per group; 4 groups per carrier; total barrier deployment length 200 meters.
10D: Custom size.

The security barriers are simple to handle and compact to store. Tasks can be completed within minutes.
1, Action is fast and easy. Blade razor wire barrier vehicles can arrive to designated locations quickly;
2. Setting up barriers at high speed to provide immediate protection;
3. Blocked with more coils to achieve the best control objectives.
4. Withdrawing of Coil Barrier: Rear of the vehicle in front of the car retrogression, razor wire tape / line to go back to the tail of the car automatically without any human help, has been lagging until the return to the place.
5. Easily and quickly reloaded for the auto pull-back barriers.